For the writer-entrepreneur who’s ready to add 6-figures to her annual revenue, reclaim her creativity, and finally write that project she’s been talking about...

Because growing your business doesn’t have to mean putting writing on the backburner all the time.

✨ Actually, it’s BETTER for your bottom line if you don’t. ✨

Get ready for Craft & Cashflow.™ 

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Craft & Cashflow™  is a high-touch coaching program for writer-entrepreneurs who want to add 6 figures to their business revenue AND write their thing in 12 months or less.


I KNOW THAT’S HARD when you’re an entrepreneur learning all.the.things about scaling and marketing and hiring and offer structure and sales and and and…

When you’re a writer caught up in service and selling and delivering and ideating for your business, it can feel like there are two parts of you pulling you in opposite directions at all times:


The entrepreneur, go-getter, ambitious, driven, knows-what-she-wants-and-needs-and-stops-at-nothing-to-get-it.

She’s smart, got straight-As in school, doesn’t like to disappoint people, and is not afraid of hard work. Her general attitude towards life and business? 

Challenge accepted.


The writer, creatrix, magic-maker, visionary goddess queen.

She’s full of visions, ideas, stories that make her heart pound in excitement or contract in emotion. She has so much to say and express and real talk

“Business” isn’t a large enough container to hold all she has to say and do.

And yet… business keeps taking precedence. 





But what if I told you that you can have both?




And… not only that… but it’s actually easier to achieve your business goals and make more money when you put your writing first?

TRUTH TIME: The reason you’re not writing isn’t because of money, or time, or because you can’t decide which idea to chase first.

It’s because you’re scared you’re not good enough. You’re scared you’ll be rejected. Or WORSE. You’re too good. THEN WHAT? 

Business (and money) is a great reason to NOT find out (if you want to give your ego that ammunition to hold you back, of course).

But didn’t you start a business (in part) to have some FREEDOM for your creative soul in the first damn place?

I’ve seen clients struggle with this over and over again, which is exactly why I created Craft & Cashflow.

It’s a private space where you get to show up and be ALL of you:

→ CEO, business leader, boss, entrepreneur


→ Writer, creatrix, visionary, artist

See, over the past 7 years, I’ve helped thousands of clients write their books, scripts, talks, and TV pilots, shape + tell their story, reinvent their offers so they’re more aligned and profitable, and increase their sales up to 900%.

AND -- I’ve continued to see clients flail or struggle in having BOTH things: a thriving, healthy business AND forward movement on their creative work. BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY.

If you’re truly ready to STRATEGICALLY GROW YOUR BUSINESS and WRITE YOUR THING, Craft & Cashflow was designed specifically to help you get there.

Our approach is different from other coaching programs because it’s ONE SPACE for ALL OF YOU and (while it’s a wildly compassionate space) it’s also incredibly RESULTS-ORIENTED.

No longer will you have to separate your entrepreneurial and writing goals from one another.

Over your 12 months working through Craft & Cashflow, we will focus on the following areas and goals:

Create a schedule and writing plan that works for you.

You’re ready to write your book, screenplay, or TV pilot.
Together, we’ll create a CUSTOM writing schedule and accountability plan you can stick with.

Set, hold, and create new boundaries.

99% of success in business and writing comes down to boundary work -- on both a practical AND energetic level. As women, we are often expected to always do more for others than for ourselves. This is why a good portion of the work I do with my clients comes down to boundaries.

Choose (and implement) the business growth avenue that you want to go all-in on.

This is how you’ll add
up to 6-figures (30%-50% increase) to your annual business revenue. You’ll be guided to choose 1 of 6 options to ALL IN ON for the year to make this happen.


Trust me, by the end of our year together, you will be an entirely different person -- making more money, slaying more projects, and able to ideate and execute ANYTHING.

Craft & Cashflow seeks passionate applicants with specific criteria. 

The fact is -- we can only accept a limited number of participants at this time -- and we only work with those who are qualified and ready to show up, do the work, and focus to achieve the objectives of the program. 

Because of this, it’s imperative that every participant is truly ready for this level of growth -- for pushing through the resistance and discomfort to expand financially and creatively   -- and has the attitude and drive to make the most of their time in Craft & Cashflow!


It is truly exciting to support writer-entrepreneurs in achieving their business and writing goals, but we must make sure you are qualified (and ready) before we commit to working with you in this program.

Here’s what we are looking for, and how to know if Craft & Cashflow is right for you:

This is for:

  • Writers who are also coaches, consultants, creative service providers, copywriters, designers, social media managers, VAs, OBMs, and other online service and product-based business owners who are ready to grow their business by 30 to 50% and write their thing.
  • Entrepreneurs who value personal growth and take responsibility for their success and results.
  • Those who are driven to make money AND an impact, who care about business growth for themselves and the world, and are active supporters of human and civil rights, anti-racism, and Black Lives Matter.
  • Womxn who thrive in a diverse environment and are open to conversations about how race and gender identity impacts financial and creative privilege on an internal and external level.
  • Spiritual souls having a human experience who can recognize and call out spiritually bypassing.

This is not for:

  • People who are NOT ready to make more money or do the work to write their thing.
  • People who choose excuses over results.
  • People who do not have the personal or energetic capacity to have uncomfortable conversations or do the work of growing and expanding.
  • People who are just starting their business or haven’t had a track record of consistent sales for at least one year.
  • People who prefer to play the victim and expect someone else to come save them or rescue them from the work.
  • People who spiritually bypass the human experience.
  • Racists, homophobes, or people who like to play ‘devils’ advocate’ for the sake of playing devils’ advocate.

How we’ll work together through Craft & Cashflow:

The format of Craft & Cashflow is what makes it truly unique and helps you achieve results that were previously not possible.

When we speak, I’ll explain the entire format and structure in detail.

For now, what’s most important to know is that we use a blend of…

    You'll be guided through the system of creating your custom plan AND how to execute.

    You'll get plenty of facetime to go over your goals, strategy, and questions about the framework and process. 

    You'll be surrounded with support to help you brainstorm with peers, receive accountability, and feedback, and keep it moving!

    You'll have dedicated time to help keep the creative energy flowing and keep accountability high

    You'll receive extra bonuses to help you get all the support you need with writing and selling to keep words and money flowing.

Because we are so selective about who is allowed into the program, rest assured this is a highly curated community -- so get excited to meet everyone!



Learn the 6 ways to easily grow your business without burning out your energy. Choose one to focus on for the year, and watch your numbers rise!


Throw the excuses out the window and join this supportive space to finally get it done! CUT TO: You, celebrating with your name on that first draft title page in just a few months!


This is a SAFE SPACE to seek support when you’re needing it most. No one does this alone.


This program is not cheap because it’s an “ALL IN” program. What that means is that I am 100% committed to helping you achieve your financial and creative goals.

That said, you might still have hesitations about whether what you’re reading on this page is truly possible for you and if Craft & Cashflow is the best choice to get you there. My previous clients already know the value of working through my processes, but for YOU, this is new and might make you question if it’s really “worth it.” I get that.

So in case you are still hesitating to apply, here’s a guarantee that you can bank on:

If you participate in all of the calls, implement all of the work, and do not see at least a 30% growth in revenue and walk away with your writing project COMPLETE as a result of Craft & Cashflow, then you can stay in the program for FREE until you do.


You have the power to grow your business and write your thing, without losing your health or sanity (pinky promise).

But pushing off writing, making excuses, and frittering your energy away on too many ideas, putting your clients, family, friends, FIRST all the time?

It’s not working.

  • Spending hours & hours everyday juggling business and your creative ideas/flow and trying to figure out what to do first/next/later.
  • Doing a ton of marketing, launching, posting on social media and simply NOT seeing the results you want.
  • Trying, reading, learning, and consuming EVERYTHING on the topic of writing and business yet still feeling really overwhelmed and like it’s impossible (or will take f*cking forever so why bother?).
  • Being so focused on time management and how there’s never enough of it that you're worried it will never look or feel differently. Maybe waiting is the answer. Spoiler: it’s not.

You’re still reading this page for two reasons:

  1. You’re a WRITER and you’re ready to OWN IT. 
  2. You’re WORTHY AF and stoked to claim more coins too. 

Which is why you’re the perfect candidate for Craft & Cashflow.

Because you know what happens when you commit to GROWING YOUR BUSINESS and WRITING YOUR THING with this process?

  • You wake up every morning EXCITED to tackle the work because you have the system, knowledge, and support to handle it like a PRO. 
  • The cash floods into your business without you constantly stressing about it because you’re confident taking action as a CEO, holding space for your writing, and BRAVELY navigating all the ups and downs with both.
  • You have more readers and fans now that you’re not STRESSING about HOW you’re going to do all of it. Instead of constantly shifting course, you’re committed to doing the thing that will WORK.

Results don’t happen by accident. 

They happen because you made a choice.

You chose to follow a system and process, take the steps, do the work, and receive the help necessary to get where you want to go. Period.

If you’re ready to finally see those results you’ve been wanting, those larger sales numbers and completed writing projects, let’s do this!

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My Clients Have Experienced Insane Results

Big Facts: I am 100% committed to my clients.

And I’ve already helped thousands of writers and entrepreneurs achieve 30%-50% business growth and write their thing in one year or less over the past 7 years. So I already know exactly what you’re signing up for when you decide to join Craft & Cashflow.

But I understand that you’re not behind the scenes seeing the wins that I hear about all the time. So why don’t we bring you behind the scenes?

You don’t just have to listen to me go on about how incredible the program is. 

Instead, you can hear directly from writer-entrepreneurs just like you who’ve experienced these results firsthand.

What They’re Saying

"Jamie is a boundary queen. She's taught me how to identify what boundaries I need to set and how to communicate them with love for both myself and others. Ultimately this has allowed me to strengthen my own self-trust, intuition and personal power."

Nicole Jackson Miller

"Jamie's guidance is magic; she helped me understand how something I knew pretty well (storytelling) was connected to copywriting. Not only did she make the process understandable, but she made it fun and not scary. As a result, I worked on and completed my novel!

After working with Jamie on my business, I finally made more money in my copyediting agency than I did in my corporate job. To top it all off, I had less work! Jamie boosted my confidence and helped me step into my role as a leader and a writer. Beyond that, she helped me understand new aspects of storytelling by teaching it through a screenwriter's lens."

Sarah Fox, Author, Founder & CEO of The Bookish Fox

“Jamie Jensen is a rare combination of being an outstanding writer who also understands smart business. She is full of strategies and concrete tools to take your website, product, and business to the next level.”

Elizabeth Rider

“My biggest wins are that I like myself more, I raised my prices, I’ve scheduled time off, I’ve hired a VA, and I made a lot more money in 2019 -- I’m in a whole new tax bracket.”

Ren Lenhof, Founder of Studio 29 + House Fur

I'm feeling like more of a leader in my business as opposed to being led by the current circumstances. If you’re considering a retreat or program with Jamie, it will be exactly what you need, no matter what you think you need. Working with Jamie is un-regrettable.

Crosby Noricks, Brand Strategist + Founder of PR Couture 

“Through my time in the program, I am most proud of increasing my income, getting more clear on the work that I want to do with people, and learning how to communicate that.” 

Melanie St. Clair, Mindset Coach

“I'm making more and so much happier than I was before I started working with Jamie.”

Paige Wilhide, Video Strategist + Confidence Coach 

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In Craft & Cashflow, you’ll finally make more money AND write your thing.

Are you ready?

Unlike other online-based coaching programs, Craft & Cashflow does not do open-ending coaching calls, ‘just do it my way’ advice, or spiritually bypass by telling you that your energy is the reason your business shit isn’t working. Sure, your energy impacts your results, but it’s one slice, not the whole pie.

Craft & Cashflow is different in its focus on holistic results.

I know that you are not just a writer or just an entrepreneur.

You are a WHOLE human -- and you can be, do, and have it all.

As a member of Craft & Cashflow, you will be not only be guided step-by-step through the content, but you will be asked to regularly review your contribution to your own results in three areas:

  • Commitment & Desire
  • Energetic & Emotional Capacity
  • Practical Action & Analytics

The best part is how absolutely do-able this will be, once you have the right framework and support in your corner.

Don’t spend another moment stalking my content and re-reading this page.

If you know this is for you, trust yourself enough to take this step.

Because your Craft & Cashflow is waiting.

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