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Because writing all alone sucks.

(And is typically less productive.)

FACT: Whether you’re a creative writer, screenwriter, blogger, or entrepreneur with buttloads of content to create -- writing is an essential part of your life.

The only problem is that sitting your butt down to do it isn’t as fun as eating another gluten-free cookie while watching the latest binge-worthy show and scrolling social media (yes, all at once! are we cavemen?).

All successful writers will tell you that resistance is REAL.

I mean… Steven Pressfield wrote a whole damn book about it.

What most won’t tell you is WTF TO DO ABOUT IT. 😱😱😱😱😱


Hi, I’m Jamie Jensen

Award-winning screenwriter, serial entrepreneur, occasional oracle, and writing coach to the stars (yes, my friends and clients are all stars in my eyes). As someone who’s built a multi-6-figure WFH business using nothing but the power of story (and some biz strategy smarts) AND written 12 screenplays, countless websites, and hundreds of thousands of words of marketing copy, I can confirm:

Writing is painful.

(Worth it, but painful.)

And the ONLY way I’ve ever been able to get any writing done is by creating strategies to make me do it. (Oh yeah?! MAKE ME.)

Because otherwise I’m like....

CONFESSION: I’ve NEVER (read: NEVER) hired a writing coach.

What I have done that’s worked:

  • Gone to the coffee shop for work “power hours” 
  • Made co-working dates with friends
  • Booked writing retreats with other artists
  • Scheduled a public reading of (a highly avoidable) writing project
  • Employed the Pomodoro method (25-minute work “sprints”)
  • Spent 6 figures on a Master’s Degree (LOL but TRUE)

I’ve also done a lot of things that haven’t worked… like time blocking on my calendar πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…(LOL, said my couch). HBU?

In short: Accountability (read: not doing it alone) is KEY.

Which is why I created...


The Writers’ Block Party is a virtual get-writing-done community that combines goal-setting with twice-weekly co-writing dates (via Zoom) so we will actually come together and WRITE together.

And it’s only $27 to join us for 27 days.

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The Writers’ Block Party includes…

  • A private Slack community so you can chat it up with your fellow writers!
  • Special threads for #bloggers, #youngadult authors, and more so you can connect with those who really get you and your goals!
  • Weekly goal-setting threads where you can publicly declare what you’re committed to!
  • Accomplishment celebrations because we looove to cheer each other on!
  • Two weekly co-writing calls where I’ll pep talk you into getting it done! ;-)
  • SURPRISE DANCE PARTIES! (let’s be honest… you never know with me)

Think of this as your “gym” for writing.

Because writing is a lot like working out. 

You get more out of it when you do it consistently, and showing up is half the battle.

But when you have a crew you’re paying to “party” with, it’s a whole lot easier to show the eff up.

Can we also talk about why this is so helpful right now?

Real talk: The overall STRESS and ANXIETY of constant pandemic news PLUS having kids at home PLUS wondering if the entire global economy will collapse PLUS worrying all your loved ones will get sick… it kinda drains your energy and attention juuuuust a little.

That’s why I’m inviting you to something that will help you put writing on your calendar and STICK WITH IT. 

BONUS: It MIGHT even make it fun. 😍

At the very least you’ll feel HELLA GOOD afterwards because you got something done!


So glad you asked, dahling.

  • Aug 18 @ 10am Pacific
  • Aug 20 @ 10am Pacific
  • Aug 25th @ 12pm Pacific
  • Aug 27th @ 11am Pacific

Being part of The Writer’s Block Party is kind of like having access to a virtual “coffee shop,” (BYOC, of course) with a LIVE creative coach writing with you.

You’ll be AMAZED at what you can get done inside of an hour… especially with me there to “babysit” you.

You In?

If your answer was HELL YES:



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One payment of $135

6 Month Access


Any questions? Let us know -- email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you lickety split.



P.S. While we may be ‘socially distanced’ right now, you actually don’t have to do it all alone. ❀

P.P.S. There is no minimum monthly commitment at this time. If you hop into the membership now, you can cancel at any time.